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Why Roses Are Considered the Gift of Valentine’s Day?


For centuries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day of expressing love with roses. The time has evolved, but the trend of proposing with a bouquet of red roses hasn’t changed a bit to this day. By any chance, have you wondered why only roses come into association with Valentine’s Day? Despite many gifting options like dark chocolates and cuddly toys, only red roses are taken as the symbol of romance? If not, you’re about to dig deep into the beautiful history of Valentine’s Day in this post.


The tradition of presenting roses to Valentine dates back to the late 17th century. During a trip to Persia, King Charles II of Sweden comes to know about the language of flowers - the ability to communicate using fresh and colorful flowers, without uttering a word at all. In a twinkling of an eye, the fashion of giving flowers became a trend throughout Europe.


In the language of flowers, each color carries a hidden meaning. Yellow color, for instance, symbolizes friendship and joy because it’s closely associated with the color of Sun, thereby making it a messenger of appreciation and platonic relationship. Another delicate color, Pink, reflects admiration and gratitude and now, became a traditional way to say you’re thankful. The famous red roses, you may have taken a guess, bespeak deep love and affection.


But why red roses? Because in Greek mythology, these flowers were sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. It is believed Aphrodite’s tears and the blood of her lover, Adonis, watered the ground from where bushes of red roses grew. It then became a symbol of true love until death for Romanas. And now, the world makes use of red roses to express their feelings and admire another person’s beauty.


Do you know the number of roses you gift also has a hidden message? Giving a single rose means you fall in love at first sight. A bunch of 101 red roses shows the person wants you to be their only while 99 roses mean the person will love you till eternity. When you’re feeling sorry for something, right your wrongs by sending a bouquet of 15 roses, of any color other than red, to the person.


We may not know of hidden messages associated with gifts and prefer to pick up the easiest gifting option like a box of chocolates, but there is so much history involved that makes us think before sending a present. If you’re thinking of revealing your true love, take a look at the vibrant collection of Valentine’s Day flowers on Angies Flowers Of El Paso to make the day of your special someone.


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