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The Iconic Traditions of Roses for Valentine’s Day

Flowers are a traditional option for presents and gestures of love. However, the rose is the flower most closely linked with Valentine’s Day out of all those offered on special occasions.

Even if you ignore this event in the middle of February, it’s hard to overlook the sales displays with dozens of Valentine’s Day roses prominently displayed in supermarkets, drugstores, and even mini-marts at gas stations.

Of course, roses aren’t just for romantic love on Valentine’s Day. The traditional beauties also make fantastic Valentine’s Day presents for friends and family owing to the meaning assigned to each color of a rose.

But before you head to the neighborhood florist for a Valentine’s Day flower delivery of roses, learn the history of the rose-giving custom on Valentine’s Day and what each color symbolizes.

History of Giving Roses for Valentine’s Day

Flowers have represented fertility, love, marriage, and romance for ages. Each flower’s significance was frequently derived from various myths, fables, or legends. For instance, red roses strongly connect to the Greek Goddess of love- Aphrodite. It’s said that her tears and her lover Adonis’ blood cultivated the roses.

Sending flowers, also called floriography, became a popular way for lovers and admirers to convey private messages that Victorian etiquette deemed improper to share in public. It became common practice to send covert messages with roses during the Victorian era.

Meaning of Color in Roses

Of course, Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate love by sending red colored roses. Sending roses on Valentine’s Day is a time-honored tradition that is always appreciated. But there is frequently much more to celebrate about the people we love.

Make sure the color of the flowers expresses your true feelings. Luckily, there is a rose color that fits almost every emotion and sentiment.

Whether adoration, devotion, or friendship, each Valentine’s Day flower delivery in El Paso, Texas, carries a special message. Besides the apparent red rose, here is the significance of the most well-liked rose colors:

1. Yellow

Yellow symbolizes friendship. Yellow flowers can also represent reminiscence and fresh starts. However, on Valentine’s Day, this shade of rose is frequently chosen when sending flowers to a close friend, making them the ideal gift to convey your gratitude and platonic love.

The warmth and uplifting energy that yellow emits can make anyone’s day brighter. Giving yellow roses on Valentine’s Day may indicate you are content to remain friends. But if you share yellow roses with red tips, it symbolizes a change in dynamics, subtly telling your friend that you’re falling in love with them.

2. White

White roses, the traditional wedding flower, are thought to represent innocence, purity, and young love. On Valentine’s Day, sending a bouquet of white roses conveys your commitment and loyalty to the recipient.

White roses are a wonderful option for developing relationships because they can represent a fresh start and the prospect of a promising future.

Sending classy white roses is always a good idea if you believe you’ve found the perfect partner, but the relationship is still young. Send your Valentine a mixed arrangement of red and white roses to symbolize harmony.

3. Pink

Pink roses are the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for a friend because they exude appreciation, grace, perfect happiness, admiration, gratitude, and gentleness. Being a versatile choice, this traditionally feminine color makes the ideal present for close friends, sisters, or mothers.

Darker pinks are said to represent appreciation, while lighter pinks are said to represent admiration and grace. Although they are also appropriate for new romances, pink blooms are an excellent choice for close friends on Valentine’s Day because they can also express gratitude.

4. Peach

Coral, orange, or peach convey an underlying excitement and desire. This vivid hue can also represent the fascination that you may feel toward a recent romantic interest. A bouquet of these hues conveys your desire for the recipient and your passion for them.

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