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‘Rose’ to the occasion- Color Types & When to Give Them


Imagine your doorbell rings and you sift towards the front door. Opening it you find no one but a big red majestic bouquet of the King of flowers waiting for you on the front porch? Regardless of the occasion, won’t that make you light up? Roses speaking the international language of love is a personal favorite for many out there.  

From Valentines to congratulations, the exuberant presence of an aromatic rose bouquet is simply irreplaceable. However, did you know, every time you give a bouquet of plush roses, you’re sending across emotions and thoughts that keep varying with the shade of rose you choose to present? That’s right! Each rose painted in a different color has a different meaning to it.  

You must have heard this before- how yellow roses are a sign of friendship and the red ones are for portraying burning passion and undying love. But what about the mesmerizing orange roses or the ravishing ones in white? Let us help you figure out which rose hue means what and which colors to use for particular occasions!  

Red Roses- 

What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when you think of a rose? The eye-pleasing sweet red taint- the ones that poets and lovers talk about. Needless to say, red roses are an ideal choice if you’re gearing up to profess your love. A sunset proposal or Valentine’s day surprise is nothing without it. However, did you know, red roses are also a symbol of beauty and perfection? Even when you’re not saying “I love you”, a red rose can still be used to express your feelings of love and affection. Mother’s Day surprise sorted?

Pink Roses- 

If your undying love for pastels refuses to go away, you know pink roses will be one of the chart-toppers. Even though pink roses are probably the most versatile rose taint ever, the typical pink rose personifies admiration and elegance. If you believe someone is opulent and graceful in the way they carry themselves, pink roses will match up to the feeling perfectly. Pink roses are also used as a seal of appreciation. If you’re thinking of going-to-the-party bouquets for the ever-so-graceful hostess, you have your bouquet right here.

Yellow Roses- 

Celebrating friendship is all about zeal and enthusiasm as two long-lost friends meet up after a good few years. Yellow Roses, however, are more than just an appreciation for friendship. Yellow roses are uncommon and rare making them perfect if you want the person on the other side to go “wow”. The color yellow often signifies vibrancy, prosperity, warmth, and happiness- and you can club all these feelings into one big. Bright bouquet.

Orange Roses-

Like yellow-orange roses too have an air of uniqueness around them combining pastel tones that make them look ravishing. Much like yellow, orange too is a sign that signifies jovial feelings accompanied by strength, charm, and enthusiasm, making it a perfect gift for housewarming parties. In fact, an orange rose bouquet can also be used as a welcome gift as it eludes positive vibes and may just be perfect if you want your guests to feel comfortable within your humble abode.

White Roses- 

A sign of purity, tranquility, and good health- white is effervescent but calming at the same time. From passion and admiration to a fresh breath taken or a brand new chapter of someone’s life embarked, white is the color for you. This is probably why white bouquets are more of a wedding thing. However, get-well-soon bouquet in mesmerizing white too has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

Even though roses come with different meanings, sometimes the thoughts behind it cannot be summed up in one single color. For emotions like these, you will always have Angie's flowers in El Paso, TX creating an incredible medley of exquisite flower bouquets for you.



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