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Interesting Facts About Mistletoe, The Favorite Christmas Plant


We all will agree that Christmas is incomplete without floral decorations, especially mistletoe. Mistletoe has been a part of Christmas tree flower decorations for a long time, and the holiday will seem to lack something without it! Poinsettia, holly, and ivy all cheer our houses up this time of the year, but the front door is always for mistletoe. How much do you know about this Christmassy plant? Read and find out!

1. There are 1,300 varieties of mistletoes across the world. A popular one is ‘dwarf mistletoe’ that has yellow or orange leaves. Of all these varieties, 20 of them are endangered.

2. Mistletoe is beautiful to look at and instantly cheers up any place, but you do not want to consume the plant. It is poisonous and can lead to vomiting, seizures, and drowsiness if consumed. So, use them just for enhancing festive décor and keep children away! 

3. You have always wanted to bump into your crush under the mistletoe to get a kiss. But do you know how the tradition of kissing when caught under the plant started? It is said that Balder, the son of goddess Frigga, was killed by an arrow that was made from mistletoe. He came back to life because of Frigga’s tears of sadness. After that, she promised that everyone passing under the plant should get a kiss.

4. Now about hanging the plant inside the house! The tradition dates back to the Druids. It was believed that mistletoe brings good luck and keeps the evil spirit at bay. Interestingly, Christians at the time did not like the idea of hanging the plant inside the homes and churches. They even tried to ban it.

5. An old mistletoe tradition was to pick off a berry after every kiss. So, if you came under the plant after all the berries had been picked off, you would not be kissed at all! The tradition has been forgotten, and we do not touch the berries nowadays.

6. Mistletoe has been used as a peace symbol. It was featured on postcard fronts that were sent during the Great War to soldiers.

7. Do not buy candles or other items that claim to have the mistletoe fragrance. The plant does not have any smell.

8. Apart from Christmas, mistletoe has been associated with Halloween as well. It was thought that ghosts and witches would stay away if the plant was hung.

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