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Funeral Flower Etiquette for Different Religions


Mourning, remembering, offering condolence – everyone does it in their own unique way. But when expressing sympathy for the loss of a family member or friend, you should do it with care for the feelings of the bereaved.

When you want to offer condolence through a sympathy flower arrangement, it is always a good idea to consider the religion of the mourner. Although flowers play a significant role in death, funeral traditions vary from one religion to another.

So, if you are sending an arrangement to a family that has a religious belief that is different from yours, it can be helpful to know what is appropriate.

Read on for funeral flower etiquette for different religions.

Roman Catholic

After a loved one has passed away, a wake or viewing takes place in a funeral home, usually within two to three days. A funeral mass takes place in the church some days later. Flowers are welcome and appreciated in the Roman Catholic faith. You can send them to the family home, church, or funeral home. For the church, however, you should find out if the parish has specific practices or rules about how or where the flowers can be displayed.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)

Although Mormons also accept sympathy floral arrangements, unlike Christians, they do not accept any reference to the cross or crucifix. This is because they believe in the resurrection of Christ. Services are held within a week of passing, which include prayers and music at the church or funeral home, followed by a brief gathering at the gravesite.


Protestant Christians accept sympathy floral arrangements of all kinds. You can have them delivered to the family home, funeral, or memorial service. Individual churches, however, might have their own set of limitations. So, you should find those out before sending the flowers.


In Hinduism, cremation usually takes place within 24 hours of passing. You can bring flowers to the funeral service, although it is not expected. Prior to the cremation, you will be allowed to view the body and place flower garlands as a sign of respect.


When it comes to Muslim funerals, there are varying opinions on the appropriateness of sympathy flowers. As per the Islamic belief of simplicity, flowers can be seen as extravagant or unsuitable. Seek the opinion of the deceased’s family or a local religious leader. If they do accept sympathy flowers, go with fragrant varieties like roses and lilies.


Jewish burials take place within 24 hours of passing. So, it isn’t customary to send sympathy flowers to the burial site or funeral home. You can, instead, send kosher food and fruit baskets to the home during the mourning period that follows the funeral, which is known as Shiva.


White flowers are the appropriate choice when sending sympathy floral arrangements to a Buddhist home, but you might want to confirm with the family or funeral home. This is because family practices might be different. Avoid sending red flowers or any type of food.

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