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Few Things You Should Never Do When Sending Sympathy Flowers


When someone close to us loses a family member or friend, we often find ourselves struggling, trying to think of what we could possibly say to them that could make them feel better. It is not easy to come up with the right words to say to someone who has experienced a personal loss. In such situations, a simple gesture such as sending sympathy flowers is a thoughtful way of expressing sympathy and support. A beautiful bouquet of the deceased favorite blooms can often say and mean much more than words. But to make sure that you are only sending the most appropriate and meaningful arrangement, here are a few things you should never do when sending sympathy flowers:

  • Sending the wrong type of flowers or arrangement

    Make sure you choose the right flowers for the bouquet. There are some flowers like lilies, carnations and gladioli, among others, that are traditionally used as sympathy flowers. Each of these flowers hold a special meaning and are accepted as suitable forms of condolence. Additionally, you should also avoid sending casket sprays as they are usually meant for immediate family members.
  • Not considering religious beliefs of the family

    In some cultures and religions, sending flowers to a funeral is considered to be inappropriate. For instance, in Jewish faith, you should not send flowers when the family of the deceased is sitting shiva. Instead, sending kosher food and fruit baskets or even practical items like groceries and household products is a considerate gesture.
  • Losing sight of the loved one you are trying to honor

    When buying sympathy flowers, you may often find yourself choosing flowers or colors that you like. But it is the loved one whose life you are celebrating and honoring that should be at the forefront of the decision. Pick their favorite type of flowers. Is there a color that liked? Or a flower that evokes memories that the two of you shared? Keep these things in mind when you choose the arrangement.

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