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Expressing Sympathy: A Funeral Etiquette Guide


Most people find themselves uncomfortable when it comes to attending a funeral because they are unsure about the right way of expressing sympathy and offering condolences. We know that the topic of death is awkward, sad, and something nobody wants to indulge in but when it occurs in the family of a close one, you can’t choose to ignore it. Visiting the family personally is an ideal way to let them know you are there for them, but it is very much possible that you are not in a position to visit the bereaved. In scenarios like those, you should send flowers to show you care. For funeral flowers, online delivery in TX, just get in touch with us


Here are some other acceptable and thoughtful ways to express your heartfelt sympathy and deepest condolences to the grieving family:

Send an Email

If you had professional relations with the deceased, an appropriate way to convey your sympathy is via email. It is ideal for times when you are out of town and can’t come back at such short notice. You should obviously call the family first; in case you are unable to reach them that way, send an email conveying your condolences. It is also appropriate to say you will visit them as soon as you get back.


Send Sympathy Bouquets

Flowers symbolize care and successfully create a soothing diversion for the grieving family members. Sending over an elegantly arranged bouquet, preferably all white, because white represents reverence and sincerity, is a great way of conveying your sympathy.


Arranging for Memorial Gifts

Some honor the deceased by organizing a memorial donation service. This is a common practice if the person was suffering from a disease where funding for treatment was ongoing. Do ask the family which organization or charity they would like the donations to go to.


Bring Food for the Family

Bringing the grieving family a home-cooked meal is another way of showing you care- something that can be stored in the fridge or reheated easily. Soups, crackers and cheese, cold cuts, sandwiches are ideal options. These may be served to other guests as the family will be too busy to cook meals.


Final Words

Figuring out what to say to the bereaved is difficult but you must do your best to offer help and comfort to them. This will help you find closure as well.


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