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Choosing the Perfect Bridal Bouquet: Some Helpful Tips


When it comes to your dream wedding, attention to detail is of utmost importance, and, bridal bouquet is as essential as the perfect gown. A wedding bouquet is so much more than just a bunch of flowers put together for you to hold while walking down the aisle. While planning the wedding, selecting a bouquet may seem like a small task but flowers are an essential component of your special day’s ensemble. The right one will surely enhance the beauty of your gown. For wedding bouquets in El Paso, TX, do contact us.


Here are a few things to keep in mind to make the right choice:

1. Finalize the dress first-

It goes without saying, your gown and bouquet should complement each other. Finalizing the gown first will make it easier for you to choose the bridal bouquet. Bring along a picture of yourself wearing the dress to the florist to make things smoother. .


2. Know your flowers-

Lilies, hydrangeas, roses, and peonies are some popular wedding flower choices. Research the flowers well in advance so that you may pick the perfect one for the ceremony. Explore options and call the florist if you are confused between options.


3. Color coordination-

Most brides opt for white gowns but there are other options. If you are planning to wear a dress with shades of cream and ivory, keep that in mind when shopping for wedding bouquet. Coordinating colors ensures that the flowers don’t clash with other background colors.


4. Shape and size-

Some bridal bouquets are short while others are large and trailing. Your pick must be in harmony with the shape and size of your wedding gown. If you opt for a bouquet that is relatively large but you plan to wear a knee length dress, your overall look may seem disproportionate. Another reason why you should finalize the dress before picking the bouquet! .


5. Get plenty of photos-

Although your bouquet will last just for a few days, you can reminisce it forever. All you need to ensure is that your photographer captures beautiful photos of the bouquet from different angles.


At Angie’s Flowers, we offer beautiful bridal bouquets. Explore our collection, you will surely find one tailor made for you! For wedding bouquets in El Paso, TX, just get in touch with us..


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