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Add Festive Cheer with Fragrant Christmas Flowers

For gift-giving or aesthetic reasons, flowers are a lovely addition to any joyful occasion. Floral arrangements are used to decorate homes on holidays and other celebratory occasions like weddings and birthdays.

Did you know you can use flowers for Christmas too? Your tree need not be the only living plant adorning your home. A bevy of flowers to add to your décor will instantly uplift the mood with fresher vibes.

Christmas meals are usually intimate affairs to which we extend invitations to friends and family. The flowers chosen for Christmas decorations should be sophisticated and elegant and capture the holiday spirit.

We’ve put together a list of four flowers for Christmas decorations that are lovely, elegant, and will provide warmth to your home:


One of the world’s most favored and well-liked flowers is the rose. They brighten and freshen the surroundings with their timeless beauty and enticing fragrance. Their most notable feature is the sheer variety of colors they’re available in. Red, pink, yellow, orange, and even blue, there’s a color to match every mood and theme.

When cared for properly, they can last for weeks. Place a bouquet of Christmas flowers from El Paso, Texas, at the entrance with your wreaths, as a centerpiece on dining tables and living rooms, or use them as a thoughtful present to carry for the host.


The charm and beauty of orchids are unparalleled. There are many different hues of orchids, including blue, white, pink, purple, yellow, green, and orange. Their scents also differ significantly. Orchids are the best table decorations because they are symmetrical flowers.

You can either have a big orchid arrangement in the middle of the table, depending on the style of your Christmas event, or you can go for carefully positioned single orchid stems in vases. You can even use orchids for a themed decoration, like ideas inspired by the tropics, or adorning Asian homes to uplift oriental décor for Christmas.


Since lilies have a star-like shape, they are also known as the “flower of light” and are frequently used in holiday decorations. Lilies are available in several colors: yellow, red, white, pink, and orange. They freshen the air around them for a long time because of their lingering fragrance.

Different kinds of lilies can be taped or hung on the walls to match their colors. You can place a bouquet of multicolored lilies arranged in a glass or crystal vase on the center table for all guests to see and enjoy. Since they’re hardier flowers, purchasing bulbs instead of blooms will make them last longer for the holidays.


Next on our list of flowers for Christmas decorations are carnations. These tiny flowers have several petals and come in unique tones, including bi-colors and frosted versions. Carnations are favored as decorating flowers since they have a distinctive pleasant aroma and endure a long time.

If you want a lavish Christmas dinner with many guests, you can make a beautiful backdrop of white carnations on a wall that reads “Merry Christmas” or another appropriate phrase in red carnations. Get an elaborate carnation centerpiece for the living room, or divide them into vases to create more subdued centerpieces across the home.

At Angie’s Flowers, we offer a wide selection of bouquets, centerpieces, and even wreaths for the season. You can trust us for the freshest Christmas flowers in El Paso, Texas. Order your arrangements today!

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