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6 Reasons You Should Send Your Mom a Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet

Mother’s Day is a day of celebrating the leading day of your life: your mom. It is the perfect occasion to give her a shout-out for everything she means to you and everything she does for you. To commemorate it, you can give her an exquisite gift, treat her to a luxurious spa day, take her on a vacation, or even bring her breakfast in bed. Along with these, you can make the day even more beautiful by sending her a bouquet of fresh flowers.

In recent years, Mother’s Day flower bouquets have been flying off the shelves. It is estimated that Americans spend more than $2 billion on flowers alone on this day. That may sound crazy, but it isn’t. After all, there is nothing like presenting someone with colorful, fragrant flowers to show your love and appreciation for them.

The Tradition of Sending Mother’s Day Flowers

According to National Geographic, Mother’s Day first began in 1908 when Anna Jarvis began holding a celebration at her church in remembrance of her recently deceased mother. She hoped that other people would join in and dedicate that day to honoring their own mothers, and they did. And in 1914, Mother’s Day was declared a national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson.

The tradition of sending Mother’s Day flowers is believed to have stemmed from the idea that flowers are a symbol of spring. Since the holiday falls on the second Sunday in May, flowers fit right in with the season. Also, flowers are beautiful and fragrant and are considered a symbol of life and fertility.

So, what better way to celebrate and honor your mom than with a unique Mother’s Day flower arrangement?

Reasons Why Your Mom Deserves the Best Flowers for Mother’s Day

Read on for a few reasons – other than that it is tradition – why you should send a flower bouquet to your mom on Mother’s Day.

  • Because she is your #1 fan

  • Your mom is and will always be your no. 1 fan and your biggest cheerleader. She accepts you for who you are and no matter what you do, she always wants you to succeed. She has raised you, made sacrifices for you, and ensured that you get the very best in life.

  • Express your love

  • Flowers are perhaps one of the best ways to express your love for someone. They are pleasing to the eyes and smell great. Moreover, sending a bouquet shows that you have put so much thought into picking her favorite flowers or choosing an arrangement you know she will love.

  • Brighten up her day

  • Brighten up your mom’s day and her living space with flowers. Now you can find bouquets that come in elegant vases. You can place them anywhere in the house and they will instantly add color and freshness to the space. The best part about getting a Mother's Day flowers delivery in El Paso, TX, is that the flowers today last longer than you might think, which means your mom can enjoy their beauty for many days to come.

  • Show your appreciation

  • When was the last time you said “Thank You” to your mom for all that she has done and continues to do for you? She has always been there for you, through thick and thin. Flowers may be a simple gesture but they are meaningful enough to show your appreciation for her.

  • Let her know how special she is

  • Make your mom feel special on Mother’s Day with flowers. A floral arrangement is a timeless gift and a thoughtful and respectable way of acknowledging someone who means the world to you.

  • Honor and celebrate her even when you are away

  • If you cannot physically be with your mom on Mother’s Day, you can still celebrate the day and honor her with a flower delivery. There are so many gorgeous arrangements that you can choose from and get delivered to her place quickly and easily.

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