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4 Elegant Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas Using Flowers


If your idea for Valentine’s day decor inspiration is Pinterest, then you may be in for quite the experience, with its abundance of overwhelmingly elaborate and extravagant arrangements. But if you want something low-key for an intimate celebration with your lover and simply want to set the mood at home without bordering on cheesy, flowers are the perfect choice for you. Whether you want to add a touch of romance to every room in the house or set the table for a celebratory dinner with your beau, here are some Valentine’s day decor ideas using flowers:

1. Classic Rose centerpiece

Fiery red roses are Valentine ’s Day staple for a reason: They scream passion and romance. Create a striking centerpiece for this special day with a bouquet of red roses perched on a simple glass vase or pot. Elevate the mood further by adding some aroma candles and opting for elegant flatware with hints of gold.

2. Floral Tablescape

Wow, your Valentine by creating an eye-catching tablescape with multicolored flowers. Use roses, lilies, and carnations to decorate your dinner table and turn it into a floral delight. Add to the magic by using fairy lights to light up the flowers in the evening. You can add a touch of whimsy to the tablescape by playing with other elements such as runners and dinnerware in fun prints and designs.

3. Rose wall hanging

Embrace the love in the air by incorporating Valentine’s day theme into your everyday home decor. Make a wall hanging by using pink and white roses, which can instantly add elegance to your living space. It also acts as a great backdrop for your Valentine’s day parties. You can find numerous online tutorials on making dreamcatcher-like hangings with flowers.

4. Flowers on the mantle

Amp up your place and make it Valentine’s day dinner-ready in minutes by decking up your mantles and accent tables with fresh blooms. This decor idea is easy, upscale and also temporary, which means you can swap it out for your regular decor at any time. For a more alluring look, sprinkle some candles throughout, but make sure that they are not too close to the flowers.

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