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4 Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Perfect For Fall


This fall, whether you are planning to tie the knot on a rustic farm in the countryside or a hotel in the city, nothing will elevate the atmosphere of the event more than beautiful, seasonal flowers. There is no better way to embrace the beauty of the season than by bringing in the outside and celebrating the vibrant colors around you with autumnal blooms. You can completely transform the tablescape at your wedding reception simply by adding centerpieces in rich, fiery hues. Here are some ideas for your inspiration:

1. Flowers on a pumpkin

Pumpkins scream fall and when mixed with autumnal flowers, they turn into stunning centerpieces that will surely bath your reception venue in all the glory of the season. Keeping with the color palette of fall, choose bright orange and red flowers such as roses and amaryllis and arrange them using pumpkins as vases.

2. Pumpkins

Think flowers and pumpkins are a bit much? How ‘bout only pumpkins then? Pumpkin centerpieces, when arranged in a gradient style, look beautiful. You can play with the size of the squash or the shades. Using pumpkins in varying shades of orange, you can even create a charming ombré effect.

3. Monochromatic red 

Red is vibrant. Red is romantic. Using red flowers for your centerpieces is a great way to make a striking statement, especially if the rest of your wedding decor is simple. Bold, monochromatic bunches of bright red flowers such as amaryllis, zinnia, and gerbera daisies will also effortlessly lend a touch of feminine elegance to space.

4. Rustic leaves

You can create entire centerpieces from the beautiful fall foliage or combine them with flowers. The former is a great option if you want to steer away from traditional floral centerpieces. Fall leaves don’t just look aesthetically pleasing but also have an air of simple rusticity to them.

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