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3 Tips To Choose And Send Sympathy Flowers To A Funeral

Losing a loved one is never easy. While it may not entirely be possible for you to ease the pain for someone who has recently experienced such a loss, sending a bouquet of sympathy flowers is beautiful tradition that is used in various places around the world to express condolences. It is a thoughtful way to tell the family that you care about them and are there whenever they need you. Flowers add color, fragrance and beauty to an otherwise solemn occasion. Although, it is important to keep in mind that sending sympathy flowers takes some thought and careful consideration. Here are a few tips to help you choose and send an appropriate floral arrangement to a funeral as a show of grief:

  • Set a budget

    Flower arrangements are available for varied price points, ranging from relatively affordable to expensive. Depending on your choice, the average price can range from around $50 to $60 for a small, elegant bouquet to a few hundred dollars for more elaborate displays. You also need to consider potential shipping costs in case you are looking to get the arrangement delivered through a delivery service.

  • Choose the right flowers

    When picking out funeral flowers, it is normal to feel confused with the choices that you are presented with. Luckily, knowing a few types of flowers that are popular for mourning and funeral services will make the decision much easier. Here are a few blooms you can choose from:

    • Lilies: They are a symbol of peace and innocence of the departed soul. It is a common sight in funeral homes.

    • Peace lily plant: The peace lily plant also stands for innocence but it also represents the rebirth of the deceased. This low-maintenance plant survives for a long time in homes or offices.

    • Roses: You can choose from different varieties of roses in varying colors, as each has different meanings. For instance, red expresses both love and sadness.

    • Orchids: Orchids are considered to be a symbol of eternal love and care.

  • Always add a personal note

    There is no better way to express your feelings on the passing of a friend, relative or acquaintance than with a personal note. So, do not simply send a bouquet of sympathy flowers without any note. Keep the tone of the message warm and comforting. If possible, you can even share a memory about the deceased person. Family members will surely love hearing them and how much the person meant to you.

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