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3 Mistakes A Bride-To-Be Must Avoid When Choosing Flower Arrangements


Finalizing wedding flower arrangements is a tad overwhelming given you has so many things on your mind, from the venue and menu to the wedding dress and fittings. A friendly reminder, DON’T leave the décor for the end! You deserve the fairytale wedding you have always dreamt about and flower arrangements are your abracadabra. That is exactly why you need to know what not to do. We aren’t talking about unsightly floral combinations; you will surely know when an arrangement is not aesthetically appealing. It has more to do about your approach to the whole thing. So, all the beautiful brides-to-be take note, your favorite florist for wedding flower arrangements in TX is about to reveal three things that you must steer clear of to choose the perfect flowers for your centerpieces and bridal bouquet.

Messy Inspiration boards

Putting together an inspiration board of your ideas is wonderful but you shouldn’t just pin up random images. Whether it is the color palette or style, having a theme is of utmost importance. Without it, you will end up more confused and your florist will also have a hard time figuring out what picture you have in mind. You may consider having a discussion with your florist first, if you want to narrow down your choices and pick a theme!

Unnecessary fixations about certain details

While attention to detail is crucial but if you insist on finding the perfect shade of blue blossoms, know that you have gone too far. A bride who knows what she wants is amazing. Your florist will surely try to give exactly what you are looking for but sometimes the specific shade may not be available. A little flexibility when it comes to particular details is always the way to go.

Believing everything you see on the internet

Pictures do speak a thousand words but at times they may also mislead. You will come across thousands of flower arrangements on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms that will leave you spellbound. There are two problems here. Firstly, choices are good but you don’t need to look at thousands of arrangements to find the perfect one. Secondly, the photos you see online may be heavily edited giving them hues that actually don’t exist. Before falling head over heels for that unique shade you just came to know about, check with your florist if that really exists.

Now that you know what not to do when selecting centerpieces for your wedding, it is time to get in touch with the best florist! Angie’s Flowers is your one-stop shop for wedding flower arrangements in TX. Whether you are looking for something whimsical and unique or sunny and bright, we have got you covered.


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